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4 Plants That Thrive In The Eastern Facing Sun

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Like many of you I have faux plants in my home, but there is something about real plants that gives your home a calm energy a vibe so to say. I’ve always loved plants. Growing up my mom decorated our home with faux and real plants. It wasn’t until I got older that I was able to see she really has a love for them. My moms green thumb is unmatched. When I have sickly plants I usually give them to her to nurse then back to life. Long story short I grew up in a plant loving home.

I've always had a few plants in my home. When Covid force us to stay indoors, home just seemed so bare. It needed more life and that’s when I my love for plants grew.

So here’s how it goes

You see a plant in photos that you just have to get. You find it at the plant nursery, take it home and in a week or two it’s wilting away. There are few reasons why this is happening. You are over watering or under watering. Your plant needs to be repotted or it could be the amount of sun it’s getting. Have you ever considered the amount of sun your plant was getting could be the cause of it dying? Yup the sun could be the very reason your plant isn’t well.

What is the eastern facing sun?

The eastern facing plants get mostly the morning sun. Plants that need partial shade and dislike strong sunlight will enjoy there. These plants receive shade from the afternoon sun when it’s at its hottest.

How to locate the eastern facing sun?

Most phones come with compasses on them. Simply turn on the compass app and go to your window. Your compass will basically do all the work for.

Below I’m sharing 4 plants that thrive in the Eastern facing sun. They are listed in order from easy, moderate and hard.

1. Sansevieria aka Snake Plant

The Snake Plant enjoys partial shade as it doesn’t need much sunlight. Just water it and leave it alone. It can dry out for weeks and will still live.

2.Chlorophytum Comosum aka Spider Plant The Spider Plant enjoys bright sunlight. They can also grow in almost shady conditions too. It’s best to water the Spider Plant weekly. Have the soil dry but don’t dry it out before watering.

3. Strelitzia Nicolai aka Bird Of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise enjoys about six to eight hours of direct sunlight, or in partial shade. It’s best to place the plant in your home wherever you get the most sunlight. Pay close attention to your plant on hot summer days as the sun can burn its leaves. The Birds of Paradise loves to have its leaves misted with a spray bottle. Remember to water it weekly watering but you can let it dry out a little before it’s next watering. I suggest you use your discretion.

4. Alocasias Poly aka Elephant Ear plant

The Alocasias Poly is a finicky plant. It likes what it likes and will not have anything else. It likes its soil moist. If it gets too much sunlight the leaves will burn and we don’t want that. If it doesn’t get enough sunlight the leaves will yellow and fall off.

I hope this helps you in the search for the perfect plant for your home.

With Love,

Wendy JB

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