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A Gift and A Lesson

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I am grateful for the gift of motherhood and the back bone it’s given me. It’s made me make wiser decisions in my journey through womanhood. I’ve been lost in both journeys as one would outweigh the other. And I’ve been found in them both because my growth and understanding have reached levels I am proud of. The “hoods” that I’m walking through may look perfect but they aren’t.

I’ll be honest it’s still a challenge for me to be true to myself and be a mother and be a spouse. I don’t always have it all together. Honestly, who does? I’m learning that whatever your level is in YOUR journey remember to give yourself grace. It’s perfectly okay to slow down today then pick back up where you left off tomorrow.

Hey Mama, when was the last time you gave yourself some grace?

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