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Any Homeschooling Moms Out There?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

This time last year my family and I was moving to Chicago. My husband got an amazing job opportunity there. We were like Chi-Town here we come. Our plan was to live bicoastal and that meant we’d be coming back and forth to NYC until we got completely settled out there. The idea of homeschooling the kids immediately came into play. I always enjoyed the thought of me being able to construct a curriculum for my kids that catered to their learning needs. While it’s obvious that we did not move the idea of homeschooling is something that I’m still trying to figure out.

Since David is the last one who will be going to school I’ve been teaching him the basics at home. You know the alphabets, numbers, days of the week, planets, etc. all the things I think he needs to be ready for school. If I can teach him this then I can surely teach him what they teach in school right?! I'll have control over the environment, what’s being portrayed and how it’s being portrayed. It'll be a one to one versus 1 to 20 or even 30 adult to child ratio.

On the other I’m trying to figure out when do I actually have time for ME! Like how does that even work. I met up with a homeschooling mom group the other day and one of the moms shared her homeschooling experience with me. She made it sound like everything I want it to be. After she convinced me with her engaging thoughts and ideas she then mentioned she was finally able to have some time to herself at about 4:30 pm (meaning she was able to shower for the day at that time and do what she had to get done). Granted this isn't her everyday, but I don't want that. ** I of all people understand. I'm a mom of 3 and I understand momming is a hard job. She has two small children so I completely understand that time isn't always on your side.** I know another homeschooling mom and she just wings it from day to day and that works for them. Both these ladies kids look happy with their new way of school and that’s all that matters, right? What I completely forgot to ask these moms was we’re they happy with their decision. I have a feeling they’d probably say yes. My follow up question would be how are they able to manage? When/where is your break? In my mind they are on "ON" from the time the kids are up to the time they go to bed. Is their bedtime when you’re "OFF"? I know I’m exaggerating and forgive me if I sound close minded. I'm a mom who loves the idea of teaching her kids every and anywhere, I just don’t want to feel overwhelmed and upset with the thought of me making the wrong decision in my kids academic career.

Are you a homeschooling parent? How did you come to the decision of homeschooling? How is your day scheduled? When/Where do you find time for yourself?

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