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EIGHT fun things to do with your kids while on Summer Break

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

The most anticipated day for any school kid had arrived. The first day of summer break is here and your child is happy as the day you got them all they wanted for the holidays. Maybe not that happy but you get the idea.

Your kids have had a long, stressful, tough school year. Now the big question is what to do with them now that school is out. Most of you have your summer planned to the T, and most of you have no clue on where to begin the summer fun your kids want. Well I’m here to help. I live in NYC and there is never not something to do especially with kids. Here is a small list of things to do with your your child that is affordable and most of all FUN!

1. Visit Your Local Library

Visitling your local library a sure way to beat the summer slide. What is the “summer slide”? The summer slide is when your kid forgets a lot of what he or she was taught during the school year. To prevent this from happening to your child pick up his or hers favorite book or gerne they like to read. You can read it at the library or take it home. When your child has completed the book have them draw or write about what they’ve read (depending on their age of course). When their book report is done you can go back and pick up a new book. I prefer having my kids pick the books they’d like to read about that way I know they’ll be interested in the book and it won’t feel force. Many libraries in NYC have scheduled activities for children to participate in according to their age. Call you local library branch to see what they have planned. Libraries are great cooling centers to keep cool from the hot summer sun.

2. Museums

Many cities have both Museums sums that cater to adults and kids as well as Children’s Museums that cater to children of all ages. While exploring the museum you should come up with brain exercises because honestly you have nothing but time there. Ask your kids their thoughts about the exhibits they’ve seen. How do the exhibits relate to your life now? What is the difference? Most banks collaborate with local museums for FREE admission or nearly FREE admission. Are you a Bank of America customer? They have a partnership with museums across the country called the Museums On Us program. Check it out right here.

3. For Crafty Kids

If you have a crafty kid at who is hands on and all about creating and building things Home Depot has workshops for kids at their many locations. You can also check out these DIY‘s The Flatbush Kidz made with items you can find in your home.

4. Dollar Store Heaven

According to your budget you can visit your nearest dollar store and have a great time picking and choosing items that will become summer essentials for you and your kids. They have a selection of items for play, studying, and you can find items for your home too.

5. Parks, Playgrounds, Piers

Head to a PPP (park, playground, or pier). It‘s hot outside and you don’t want the kids to be cooped up in the house. So do the next best thing take them outside! The PPP’s are FREE. Have them play all day. The playgrounds and parks have sprinklers and splash pads. They can get wet to cool down and be able to dry up with the sun all at the same time. It’s the perfect come combo. At the pier enjoy the beautiful views of the boats and clouds and people. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

6. Apple Camp

Ever consider a camp for your tech savvy kid. Your favorite Apple store has “Apple Camp”. It’s a 3 day program for children ages 8-12 where they “will explore their creativity through fun, hands-on projects across four tracks ranging from coding to art & design.” Hurry and sign your kid up.

7. Family and Friends

The summer break is the best time to see friends and family. Friends and family gatherings are so much fun. The kids can play games, catch on the latest dance moves, and enjoy each others company. If you choose to skip a gathering such as this one you can always set up a play date. Your child will be able to socialize, have fun and not even notice they’re giving you a break.

8. Go to the beach or the pool

In the summer time thankfully everyday is a beach or pool day. Visit your favorite beach make countless sand castles, watch the waves beat against the shoreline, write your names and wriggle your toes in the sand. Sun bathe until you get the perfect tan you’ve always wanted. Go to the pool and have the kids splash until they can’t splash anymore. Most of all don’t forget you sunscreen.

Enjoy the summer break with your littles. Make memories that’ll last a lifetime. After all before you know it summer break will be over and it’s back to school again.


Whats the first thing you’re doing with your littles this summer?

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