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How To Paint Plant Pots

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

My indoor garden has been growing this summer. My plants have been flourishing but there is something missing..... an attractive plant pot to put them in. I love a formal look of plant pots. The all white, black, gray, pink, green, even the orange terracotta plant pots are nice but I need something that's eye catching to house my plants now. If you have beautiful plants you should have beautiful pots to put them in, right?!

Over the pass few months during my self care time I've painted a handful of plant pots. It was very easy and affordable to do. I already had plant pots and foam brushes so all I had to purchase was the paint. I purchased acrylic latex paint by Krylon at Lowes and the brushes from Michael’s.

Things you’ll need

Acrylic paint

Foam brushes

The first pot I ever painted was this I believe is an 6- 8” terracotta pot. I’m in to the mud cloth theme so I thought it be so appealing to paint my Spider Plant pot a mud cloth print. To get this look paint the pot all black, let it dry. After it has dried proceed with make the print design with the white paint. It‘s so easy.

The next pot I painted was for my Peace Lily. On a terracotta pot I painted one side black and the other side white. Doesn't it look stylish?

My latest paint job was for my Pilea Depressa aka Caribbean Creeping Jenny. I love how the pot looks now. If I change my mind I can always start over again by painting the pot one base color and have a new pot in minutes.

Your painting creations are endless. Let me know if you’re thinking of painting your plant pots. Check out my Pinterest board for more painted plant pot ideas. Happy painting!!!

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