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It’s The Natural Hair Texture For Me

It’s the natural hair texture and color for me. I love how our curls turn to kinks and coils after our twist outs have lost its bounce and spring. When do you restyle your hair after your natural hair style has had its course? Personally it’s whenever I get to it. I like to leave our hair alone and let shrinkage do it’s thing. In 5-6 days you have a whole other hair style. In my eyes stretched hair and shrunken hair are both beautiful.

When I began my natural hair journey you wouldn’t be able to catch my outside with any type of shrinkage. That’s all changed now because I’ve grown to appreciate all the beautiful things my hair can do. Long story short let’s normalize shrunken natural hair. Can you relate? I figure as long as your hair is well moisturized your kinks and curls should be okay. What do you think?

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