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Littles With Seasonal Allergies

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Do you have a little suffering from seasonal allergies? I do!! All 3 of my kids suffer from seasonal allergies. My middle child Mya has it the worst this season. Seasonal allergies run in my family and when the spring and fall time come around I’m stocked with over the counter natural meds and albuterol vials. This season nothing seems to be working for her. This morning she woke up to shortness of breath, and guys it was that bad.

After we controlled her breathing I stopped by my neighborhood health food store because I didn’t want to be sitting in the doctors office all day only to be prescribed steroid. I told the clerk what was going on and he made a drink called the “cold buster”. It’s made with carrots, green apple, ginger and the magic ingredient Bee Pollen.

Bee pollen reduces histamine. Histamine is what the OTC over -the-counter meds are fighting against. So it only made sense for me to have her try it. Bee pollen can help people with respiratory diseases such as asthma, and it can give aid to people who have sinus infections.

After doing my own research on bee pollen I found out that it should purchased locally. You should get it locally because these are the bees in your area that are affecting you. Makes sense right?! It is important that you get bee pollen that is mold and pesticide free because you don’t want that in your body, right.

Bee pollen comes in liquid, capsule and powder form. I purchased the powder because I’m sure Mya won’t drink it or swallow a capsule. Mya had the pollen in a juice today and consumed it well. Tomorrow I’ll put it in her favorite food. I’ll monitor which way she likes it best.

So far she has shown great improvement since drinking the “cold buster”. Her breathing is normal and I couldn’t be more happier. She even had the strength to come with me to pick up Madison today. I’m sure the bee pollen had a lot to do with this transformation.

I’ll keep you guys updated on improvements she’ll have with the bee pollen, if there are any. Have you tried natural remedies to fight seasonal allergies. If you have what did you use? How well did it work? Let me know in the comments the below.

** I am not a Doctor or a specialist. I am only sharing my experience. If you decide to try bee pollen see your Doctor or a specialist for advice first.

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