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Panda Express In Brooklyn? Who knew?!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

This post is brought to you by Panda Express. As always all opinions are my own.

You know that age old question that Moms everywhere hear once 6:30 pm comes around..... Mom, what's for dinner? My kids ask me this question like clock work and sometimes I have no idea what I'd want to make for dinner. Sometimes I feel like I've made quick meals too often. Many times I feel like I've cooked everything I know my family enjoys. Like ALL of our go to meals and I want to try something different. This summer we've had day long activities and spending time out with the family trying new food sounds so much better than cooking. If any of these scenarios sound familiar then keep on reading.

So here's the thing, I enjoy cooking for my family I really do. The way this summer has been going I've had less time in the kitchen and more time outside. Trust me I'm okay with that. On the flip side of things searching for affordable family friendly restaurants with a comfortable dining situation can be a bit of a challenge, especially for a family of 5. We have 3 picky eaters who always seem to ask for the same menu item everywhere we go. This summer my husband and I are working on choosing healthier options when dining out. With that being said it is important to us to a select a restaurant that can accommodate all our wants and needs.

Right off the center of the Brooklyn Triangle (if you're a Brooklynite then you probably know it as the Flatbush Junction) hides my family's newest spot to dine. Panda Express has made its way to Brooklyn!! Growing up I've always heard of Panda Express but it was always on the west coast. Finding this location in my city was a treat, and to try their food with my family for the first time was even sweeter. Panda Express is a fast food restaurant that serves American Chinese cuisine.

On a Monday evening my family and I made our way to Panda Express for dinner. Entering the restaurant the kids got a glimpse of the panda in the awning and they were automatically interested in what this restaurant had to offer. The customers ahead of us made their orders smoothly. A couple minutes later and it's our turn to order. We get to the counter and in front of us is a buffet style set up but you don't serve yourself. The food items in front of us were so appealing. That's one of the things I really like about Panda Express. I can see what it is I'm being served and that's a plus for me. Our server was super informative as we told her this was our first time at Panda Express. We explained to her that we have 3 little picky eaters and us adults are looking for something on the healthier side. She offered some samples of the Orange Chicken, String Bean Chicken Breast, and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken. The samples that she had us try had us hooked it was so good. We moved on to add more food items. The kids added vegetable fried rice to their orders and my husband and I added fresh steamed broccoli, kale and cabbage to our meals.

As we finalized our orders I noticed that my String Bean Chicken Breast was apart of Panda Express' Wok Smart meal menu. Panda Express' Wok Smart meals contain 300 calories or less and at least 8g of protein. That was exactly what I needed because you know Mama is watching her figure and all. I did add some Grilled Teriyaki Chicken to my meal ( I couldn't resist). Panda Express has a range of Wok Smart meals. Just look for the Wok Smart logo. My kids got the Orange Chicken and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken meals. Between you and I we enjoyed our meals so much, there was barely anything to take home. For desert the kids had chocolate chip cookies and fortune cookies that came with their meals. It was the perfect cap to our dining experience there. We all left the restaurant content and thinking about what we would try the next time we visit Panda Express

There are a number of Panda Express locations here in Brooklyn. When you visit be sure to try a Wok Smart meal and some Orange Chicken combined with your favorite vegetables or side. You won't be disappointed.

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