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The Big 5!

A week ago my baby boy turned the big 5. If you speak to him about being 5 he’ll tell you that he was always a big boy, and now he’s even bigger. Celebrating this birthday with him meant everything to us. We weren’t able to have the huge birthday party we imaged. You know the crazy huge theme party. The one with everybody and their mama. For pandemic reasons we opted not to have one.

Every birthday I take a stroll down memory lane. All the way up to the moments I can remember having each child. This year was no different. And every year my heart is fuller than the last. Going back as far as my iCloud will allow me David’s baby pictures get me so teary eyed.

My mother in love knew I’d have him right after I had Mya. I remember telling her I wasn’t having anymore, but she somehow knew about him. When David was born he was my last child and the first boy on my side of the family. My dad had my sister and I, so when I was having David it was his dream come true. (Those two are like two peas in a pod.) It’s amazing how a small person can have such a large impact on so many lives. David is the perfect addition to our little family. Watching him grow up these past 5 years has been a joy. I truly mean that with every inch of my heart.

Cheers to 100 more birthday’s under the sun, son.

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