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The Last Sunday Morning of 2020

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

It's the last Sunday of the year. While getting out of bed I could hear the church bells playing “Silent Night”. Something about the tune made me go back into bed and say a prayer. I prayed for peace of mind, a sound heart, the ability to seek + find joy, clarity and understanding. It was a quiet morning. The kids had a sleepover at Nana’s house. Usually someone would quietly crawl into the bed and cuddle before it was time to start the day. It’s usually David or Mya. 9 out of 10 it’s David.

After rising out of bed I was in a worshiping mood. If your interested here are my favorite gospel worship songs on iTunes . I had intentions on going it to church. It seems as though everyone else had that idea too. I soon found out that it was already crowded and the overflow section was beginning to crowd, so I stayed home. In a pandemic crowds are not where I want to be. Church would have been good for the mind and spirit. I miss it. I can only imagine what the word was about. I’m sure it was about how much of a blessing it is to still be here, and that God has given us chance after chance to get it together. The world we live is showing us that we can only find peace, love, joy, mercy, safety and refuge through Him. At least I’d like to think the sermon went that way.

I spent the entire morning with these songs on repeat. Singing these songs lead me to tears. They all have a way of touching my heart. To think of the crazy 9 months out of this year that we’ve been through, AND WE'RE STILL HERE!!!! I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for God. When I think of it Psalms 23 comes to mind; about how God will never leave you. Most days this year felt overwhelming, overbearing, confusing, tiresome, repetitive and so much more (feel free to add the different emotions you’ve felt this year in the comments). Whatever you’ve felt you’re allowed to feel. Your feelings are valid never forget that. We’ve all experienced a year we’ve never seen before. I hope you all are well. Until next time....

Wendy JB

How'd you spend the last Sunday of 2020?

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