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The Shrinkage Is Real

Black woman with Afro hair wearing a white blouse and orange skort

I promised myself that I wouldn't let my hair reach this level of shrinkage, but I missed a few wash days and, well, here we are. My hair was once a twist out that turned into a puff and now fro. With this NYC summer time heat and humidity its the perfect combo to give my mane a break. Truth be told I love my hair like this. My morning routine is quicker and easier because I have one less thing to do, such as styling my hair.

To achieve this fro I take a hot shower and let the steam do it's thing. The steam from the shower leaves my hair soft, manageable and ready for the next step. Massaging oil on my scalp/ends for added moisture. My go to oil is usually castor oil. As of late I’ve been reaching for the multi - use pure oil blend from Melanin Hair Care. Lastly is to fluff up or pik my fro and I'm out the door. I love that my fro gets some time to flourish and shine. It’s extremely low maintenance this time of year.

In all honesty it's wash day that I don't want to face. It takes all day, making my arms hurt and my patience thin. Until that time comes this fro is what I'll be working with.

Tell me do you let your hair shrink from time to time or do you leave your hair stretched?

Shirt: Thrifted from hubby's closest

Skort: @primark

Shoes & bag: @zara



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