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What is Mom Life?

What is mom life? If you ask me mom life has so many components. In my opinion there is no one word answer. If I were to ask you what does mom life mean to you, you'd say it means everything to you. You'd say it has changed your life for the better. In most cases mom life has made us "grow up" and become more responsible. You'd probably go on to say that mom life if is not for the weak! You need to have balls and a strong head on your shoulders because you don't play that when it comes to your kid.

Mom life requires you to be brave even when your scared. It makes you this tough but sweet woman who can put a smile on her kids face even when she is broken inside. Mom life makes you become a cook, teacher, nurse, organizer, party planner, play date coordinator, homework helper, hair stylist, chauffeur, mediator and referee. ( It's totally fine if you aren't good at most of these) Mom life is all these to me and more. This life definitely has it's ups and it definitely has it's downs. It has brought out of me things that I never knew existed inside of me. It has made me strong in so many ways. And it's made me tired! Chile it's made me so tired. I need a shot of B12 asap. My kids are young. I know as they grow older they'll need me less and less, and I'll need them more and more. Life is crazy like that right?!

One thing is for certain I think all moms share the same qualities in this life. Of course no ones mom life is like the other. What I love about this life is that I have planted seeds in each of my kids life to help them flourish and be the best they can be in this society. I love that I can teach them everyday and I see how well they have applied it in their lives at such young ages. What I love the most is that I can share, learn from, help and lift a fellow mom on her mom life journey. After all what is mom life if we can't share our experiences, our concerns and needs with other moms going through similar things.

Tell me what your mom life is like. If I've missed anything that your mom life has made you become please write in the comments below.

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