What's the next best thing to do when the kids are home and BORED!

 There are some days I have no idea what to do with my kids, so I make them promises telling them we'll be doing something fun. If only they knew it was LIES that I was telling. I try to make outings special, and on this particular day it actually worked.

I remember this day so vividly. The kids were getting cabin fever and the activities we were doing at home just wasn't entertaining to them anymore. Whats the next best thing to do? Head out doors! 

We took the train Downtown to Dumbo, Brooklyn. Dumbo, Brooklyn is the spot. It's a very popular tourist attraction all year round. It's known for its views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Jane's Carousel, restaurants, shops and photo friendly spots.  

In Dumbo we stumbled upon a playground. The kids played to their heart's content. After all the running around the kids did, the breeze from the East River cooled us down. Next, we we headed to Jane's Carousel. It's like every other carousel, you know the traditional music and horses. The thing that made this horse ride special was the view! It was gorgeous! The view of the skyscrapers in the back round as we rode the horses was so beautiful. Lastly, we had to eat something. You know mom never leaves the house with out packing lunches and snacks. We had a picnic on the grass playing duck duck goose with the Brooklyn Bridge in our sight.

Needless to say we were all very tired on the subway ride back home. Our trip to Dumbo was one for the books. The kids and I still talk about it. A day with nothing planned turned into a super fun day with for us all. 

With spring break and summer vacation around the corner how do you plan on spending your days with the kids?   

"If we give our children sound self-love, they will be able to deal with whatever life puts before them"

- Bell Hooks